The residential façade is individualized along its length with a strong vertical rhythm, further articulated with elements set back and extending forward. Entry elements are punctuated with cantilevered entry roofs and lighting. The vertical composition is complemented with a strong horizontal upper level roof with an extended overhang. The commercial façade is designed with a horizontal emphasis, strengthened by the cantilevered roof element at level 2 that wraps the southwest corner and terminates vertically; to define both the commercial entrance as well as the transition between residential and commercial uses, both above and adjacent. The double volume space is designed as a framework of glazed elements, with horizontal and vertical cues carried through from the adjoining massing. Distinctly unique in its design and siting, the prominent location on the site provides identity in the neighbourhood and offers magnificent views of the park from within. The materials chosen for the project include stucco, hardi- panel, horizontal siding metal and wood trim and feature details and cedar soffits. Inspired by the majestic natural surroundings of Capilano River and Grouse Mountain, the landscape design celebrates thematic relationships with the existing forest, rivers and mountains, expressed in alternating ribbons across the site.




North Vancouver, BC


Three Shores Development