Kindred at Moodyville is a Multi-Residential development comprised of two 5-storey wood frame buildings with a total of 96 homes fronting a wide tree-lined boulevard. Kindred references a contemporary interpretation of a traditional architectural character with a palette of high-quality materials and complimentary contrasting colors. The clean line contemporary Architectural style is defined and articulated through the use of dramatic brick and glass accents, flat roofs, recessed balconies, stepping rooflines and transitions in depth to articulate the varying materials and colors. To provide a variation in the two buildings, distinguishing vertical brick frames extending up three levels were introduced along 3rd Street, Ridgeway Avenue and the lane for the West building 1. For the East building 2 the strong vertical brick expression was maintained at the corners and continuous balconies were introduced along the mid-section of the building to provide a strong horizontal expression. As per the Moodyville Guidelines the top floors are recessed for both buildings to help minimize the impact in height and massing and are finished in a neutral colored smooth panel system and large glass openings that continue down to grade on the less visible sides of the buildings. The development is highly energy efficient; built to LEED Gold equivalency and meets all the requirements of the new Moodyville Zoning and Guidelines. Kindred was also designed with the very latest in building envelope technology..




North Vancouver, BC