Fatima Sadeghiasl

ABT Certificate, B.Sc. (environmental engineering)

Junior Technologist

Fatima is a Junior Technologist at Ciccozzi Architecture. As an art lover, some of her specialties are painting and designing. Previously she had majored in Art at school and was involved by working, teaching, painting, designing, and model making in various fields of visual arts.

While attending the University of Kerman in Iran, Fatima studied Martial and Environmental Engineering then went on to working in Petrochemical complex of shiraz as a building envelope engineer. She also worked as an architectural designer for Sadra Architecture company in Shiraz.

When she moved to Canada, Fatima wanted to go after her passion and tailor her engineering knowledge to her art talent. Therefore, she chose to study architectural design and started to develop her knowledge at BCIT by receiving a certificate in Architectural & Building Technology. While attending BCIT she learnt AutoCAD and Revit. She is now eagerly working towards becoming an Architect.

While out of the office, she enjoys expanding her horizon and learning new things about her new environment – like ice skating. Fatima is an outgoing and energetic person and loves to spend time with family and friends. She also enjoys sports like swimming, Zumba dance, and hiking around beautiful British Columbia.