This is what Ciccozzi Architecture can do for you

March 29th, 2018

Ciccozzi Architecture is currently working on plans to build PICS, Diversity Village, a complex care facility for seniors. The Progressive Intercultural Services Society or PICS, is a not-for-profit agency that plans to build a seniors complex-care home that is culturally sensitive in Cloverdale. Land has been purchased by the Society at 64 Avenue and 175 Street.

Previously, PICS has built two subsidized multicultural housing projects for seniors located in Surrey; an independent living facility and an assisted living facility. The proposed complex, or long term care facility in Cloverdale is planned to house 140 residents in private rooms on two acres of land. The multi-storey building is to be made up of 14 “houses”, each containing 10 self contained private rooms, along with a kitchen, living room, and activity room for residents who share a common language. The design creates options to place different cultural-linguistic groups in the village. Plans also include day care facilities for toddlers, a Montessori preschool, and a cafe.

The society says that the project addresses an urgent need in Surrey as just to address the South Asian community is 500 beds, not including other communities that require culturally sensitive care.

Costs for the facility are estimated to be between $45 million and $60 million. While three levels of government have expressed support for the concept, PICS is seeking to raise money to help with costs. The project was well received by the residents of Cloverdale at a public information meeting held on October 12th 2016.